Providing a clean and healthy work environment is an important and effective component of getting any work done. Cleanliness is critical to a company’s brand and can affect your company’s first impressions of customers and the level of services you provide.
Hygiene also plays an important role in an employee’s health, well-being and level of performance. Therefore, a clean and healthy work environment can directly affect productivity and quality, as well as raise employee mood and motivation.
One of the most important pillars of A2B services is the quality therefore as a cleaning company we are believing in providing the highest level of cleaning services to show a clean place and create a healthy and safe environment for all employees to carry out their tasks and at the best performance level through several sides, including the recruitment of cleaning personnel skilled, taking into consideration in their selection the competence, good manners and honesty, where they are trained by distinguished trainers and under the supervision of a group of supervisors with great experience in this field and they know well the needs and desires of customers and permanent coordination of all departments of the facility to carry out all the cleaning tasks entrusted to them and do their best to implement those requirements and needs efficiently and try to reduce business disruption and work at times that suit the scope of work.
Thus, among A2B company work plans is the importance of the Operation Department for a continues follow-up and contact with customers and receiving a weekly evaluation to measure their satisfaction with the cleaning work in general and the performance of individuals, and coordination with the customer to take the necessary actions if our customer is not satisfied with anything in the work plan, and implementation, whether cleaning materials or equipment and cleaning machines or even individuals and supervisors to achieve complete customer satisfaction with the service level.
We also use materials that comply with local and international health and safety requirements and use the latest technologies, which mainly aim to clean the place and maintain its luster and healthy, using the latest products produced by international companies specialized in this field, as well as the latest hygiene production technology.


We have a professional team that has experience and high efficiency in providing cleaning services to institutions, companies, and various sectors, which are accomplished with high efficiency and the highest quality standards. A2B has extensive experience in providing office cleaning services for large companies as well as small companies whether it is managing a single office or a multiple buildings and branches, where we try to reduce the operational burden and create a clean and healthy work environment for employees, customers and hesitant people in order to complete their work and tasks in the fastest time and with the best performance and maintain the quality of the facility’s brand, which makes us an important factor in the success of the entire system Through a professional cleaning service.
Our cleaning services are designed according to the different needs of our customers in different sectors and fields. We provide all the required equipment and tools, including environmentally friendly products, to provide safe and hygienic services covering all hygiene needs such as:


We provide specialized commercial cleaning services. Using specialized equipment and advanced and specialized cleaning techniques providing a full training to our employees to carry out the required work for giving our customers confidence and reassurance that all tasks required in the cleaning operations will be carried out with high accuracy, safely and effectively.

At A2B, we invest in developing our employees’ capability and proficiency and keeping them pace with the changes and developments of quality, health and safety standards associated with specialized cleaning operation team to provide them with the highest levels of quality and accuracy for providing carefully trained workers, skilled professionals, and following up on their performance and constantly evaluating their levels.

In addition to our general cleaning service, we offer the following as part of our specialized cleaning inclusions:


A2B has been providing dependable and thorough professional commercial cleaning services and facilities management solutions to businesses of all sizes from single premises to multi-site facilities. We also provide all of the required equipment, including our own eco-friendly products, to deliver safe and effective services that cover all your hygiene needs.

With our experience working across a wide range of commercial sectors including hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, construction and retail, A2B is a professional provider of commercial cleaning services.

Our commercial cleaning services are tailored to your business needs. In addition, we offer flexible working hours, which means that we can provide your company or workplace with cleaning services at a time that suits you. To provide safe and healthy services to cover all hygiene and effective hygiene needs.

We have certified trainers at the highest level for providing a comprehensive and effective training on health and safety standards, whereby our clients can be confident that our cleaners will provide our customers with a high standard of cleaning service while ensuring the continuity of business smoothly and without any interruption or downtime.



Operating nationwide, as a work team of A2B we have extensive experience of working across a breadth of sectors and can work at times that suit your business to ensure minimal disruptions and carrying out the tasks assigned to us with the highest quality and the least time.
We believe that hospitals and health centers must maintain the highest standards of hygiene, health and safety to provide a healthy environment for providing medical services to patients, as any failure or deficiency in this field can become a breeding ground for many diseases that transmit bacteria and health threats.
As cleaners realize the importance and accuracy of the cleaning process in this sector, a highly specialized training is provided to reach a clean and sterile facility that is maintained according to the highest local and international standards, from daily cleaning to specialized cleaning services, and we provide comprehensive cleaning and disinfection services to reduce the risk of infection and ensure a clean and healthy environment for all patients, staff and visitors.

We have a wealth of experience working with a range of healthcare organizations such as medical centers, clinics and hospitals. Our management team develops the implementation plan for service delivery while ensuring minimum disruption to the various work streams for its implementation and downtime. We would like to point out that we have made sure that our cleaning products are environmentally friendly and manufactured specifically for the cleaning process, with the exception of some products and raw materials that are used in a specialized cleaning service that sometimes requires certain products.


A2B offers and conducts comprehensive industrial cleaning services across a broad range of settings from warehouses and factories to manufacturing sites. With a wealth of experience working in industrial environments, we understand that dirt and contaminants can build up quickly and affect your equipment and lead to disruptions in your operations. At A2B, we have developed a skilled, certified approach that delivers safe, effective, and efficient industrial cleaning, in line with your operations, machinery and safety protocols to increase efficiencies and reduce downtime and costs.

All our cleaning products are environmentally friendly and manufactured specifically for our business, except for our specialist cleaning service which requires heavy-duty products. Our management team will work closely with you to devise a cleaning schedule that best suits your production rota to ensure a clean and efficient working environment. In addition, to give you peace of mind that you are receiving a high quality and trusted service, A2B boasts a range of industry certifications.

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Our management team develops a cleaning program appropriate for production time to ensure a clean and efficient work environment, in addition to providing a healthy and safe environment for workers for their comfort and safety, which maintains the highest levels of performance and production.


A2B has extensive experience in providing commercial cleaning services to the hospitality industry, from restaurants and bars to hotels and cafes.

With A2B as your commercial cleaning partner, you can be confident that your food preparation areas, dining facilities, and accommodations are hygienic and sanitary, leaving your customers with a positive perception of your business.

Our cleaning operatives are fully trained in delivering high-quality cleaning services to the hospitality sector to ensure your business is always presented at its best and create a lasting impression with customers. Furthermore, our management team will work with you to devise a cleaning schedule with times that suit your business. We can deliver all types of services from one-off specialty cleans to ongoing daily cleans and weekly cleans whatever your business needs.

In addition, to give you peace of mind that you are receiving a high-quality and trusted service, A2B boasts a range of industry certifications.

Bank Cleaning Services

A2B aims to be the best bank cleaning service provider in Egypt. As a clean environment in the bank is essential for customers to feel comfortable during their presence, in addition to this, the level of efficiency of the bank’s employees increases and they can provide more services easily, with higher quality and a better feeling when they work in a peaceful, healthy and clean environment.

It is necessary to maintain the good reputation of the bank. When a bank customer receives a specific service in a clean, neat and sanitary place, he will pass it on to other customers.

We offer a full range of cleaning services for banks with all equipment, tools and materials at the highest level and with a trained team that is fully prepared to provide our various services to this sector, where all the required services are achieved in the fastest time and with the highest quality that meets the desire of our customers and obtains their satisfaction.

In addition to the general cleaning services, we provide meticulous cleaning services for the bank’s furniture and equipment and its contents, seasonal cleaning, steam washing, various walls and external facades, floors of all kinds, tiles and parquet, sofa and chairs, all kind of windows, carpets, curtains, surfaces, warehouses, outdoor spaces such as parking, pest control and any other cleaning services needed by banks are provided proficiently by A2B.


A2B provides comprehensive cleaning services to ensure a healthy learning environment for all students from nurseries and schools to colleges, universities and specialized educational centers where we recognize the great importance of location cleaning in any educational institution and providing a clean and safe place for both teachers and students can help reducing the opportunity of disease incidence and improve student behavior, and their assimilation as well.

We provide cleaning services throughout the year, in addition to seasonal cleaning during holiday periods to reduce the inconvenience of employees and pupils and our employees wear a uniform while they are in the workplace for easy identification to carry out their tasks easily


A2B provides high-caliber post-construction cleaning services, also known as after builders cleaning, to a breadth of new build contractors, designers, architects, refurbishment contractors, and private companies across Egypt.

We manage all aspects of post-construction cleaning to ensure your building is clean and inviting. We understand that construction can be unpredictable, and we will work closely with your contractors to ensure work is completed within the project schedule. Our professionally trained team adhere to quality standards and conduct work within legislative and compliance requirements. We are also proud to boast a range of industry certifications.

All our cleaning products are environmentally friendly and manufactured specifically for our business, except for our specialist cleaning service which requires heavy-duty products.