Quality is our goal. Top is our target.

Welcome to the services of A2B company


Our vision is to be the leading company in providing services (cleaning – supplies – contracting) at the highest levels of quality and mastery through several sides to achieve the highest performance rates to reach the satisfaction and confidence of our customers and be an important factor in their success.


Our mission is to provide these services to suit various and different fields and sectors throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt through the accuracy in fulfilling out tasks in specific times with high specifications that are an essential part and an important factor in achieving the goals and tasks of our partners.


Our skilled and experienced team provide a range of certified professional cleaning and facilities management services, conducted efficiently, to the highest standard.


A2B has extensive and distinguished experience in providing the highest level of cleaning services for companies, whether small companies or international multinational companies, whether they are inside small limited buildings or huge multi-storey buildings and for different economic sectors such as health, hospitality, education, construction, manufacturing and banking. Where we aim to create healthy, clean and safe environments for work within companies building and various commercial sectors, which helps their growth and progress and accomplish their work and tasks in the fastest time and at the best level of performance and to be partners in their success. Our goal is always to provide the highest levels of cleanliness where quality and workmanship are our most important success pillars.


We have extensive experience in supplying everything needed in various fields in many economic sectors and in various locations throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt. We provide all equipment, supplies and raw materials required to complete the required projects and tasks in the fastest time at the lowest cost.


A2B has a distinguished experience in implementation of all types of contracting and construction, including interior and exterior finishes and decorations at the highest level.


Providing high quality services created to meet the needs of different sectors and implement them within a specific time frame. You can trust A2B to reduce the operational burden of these sectors because we provide our services with minimal disruption to daily work and without compromising the highest levels of quality.
Providing a clean, healthy and safe work environment that enables all employees to carry out their work in the fastest time and with the highest efficiency. Our team is the driving force behind our business, and it is important that our employees feel valued. We are committed to keep, and appreciate our employees so that they feel proud that they are part of A2B company.
Constantly receiving customer feedback, and fulfill it as soon as possible, reviewing our performance and working level to improve all the provided services to our customers for reaching the maximum possible degree of customer satisfaction.
Continuous investment in developing our technologies and tools, keeping pace with development and modernization in our field, maintaining manufactured certificates, and adhering to industry standards and international quality standards.
Creating job opportunities in all our fields, developing employee skills through continuous training, following up on the performance level of each individual, maintaining the highest level, and providing all support to raise the low level of any employee to develop his performance for reaching the target level.


It is our core principle that our employees feel valued and respected. They are the driving force behind all of our work and success. We are committed to providing care and respect to all employees so that they feel proud of being part of an outstanding service provider, providing the highest level of services to our customers, and creating a healthy work environment to earn their trust and satisfaction with our services.
HAMADA MAHFOUZ – General Manager
MAHFOUZ ROSTOM – Operation Manager